Races of Aiah

The races of Aiah can be broadly grouped into two categories. There are the common races, those that are numerous and found throughout the world. There are also the uncommon races of which few exist and are usually found in remote wilderness areas.

Common Races

Among the common races some are known as the elder races, and some as young races. The elder races were those that were brought into being before or during the Dawn Wars. The younger races are the ones that have been created since that time.

  • Dragonkin, an elder race of reptilian folk created by Bahamut.
  • Dwarves, a long lived elder race of short and sturdy folk created by Moradin.
  • Elves, a long lived younger race of tall and slender folk created by Seriss.
  • Gnomes, a long lived, small, and ancient race of carefree folk whose creator is unknown, lost or forgotten.
  • Goblins, a small and impish elder race of folk created by the Titans.
  • Humans, an ambitious and diverse elder race of folk whose creator is lost to the mists of time.
  • Orcs, a younger race of folk that are strong and fierce who were created accidentally by Asmodeus from the blood of a murdered god.

Uncommon Races

The uncommon races are an unusual sight. They tend to keep to themselves, only rarely being found in the settlements of the common races. They are usually unconcerned with the troubles and affairs of the common races, who often see them as monsters and treat them with fear and hostility.

  • Dragons, huge nigh immortal winged beasts of legend. Created by Bahamut to be the masters of Aiah.
  • Giants, a long lived, large, and powerful folk created by the Titans to serve in the Dawn Wars.
  • Ogres, by far the most numerous of the uncommon races. Not quite as big as giants, they are nonetheless a large and shamanistic folk made by the Titans.
  • Rootwalkers, a race of awakened walking trees, they live for many hundreds of years and are born of Aiah itself.

Races of Aiah

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