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Population: appr. 40,000
Government: Monarchy (Principality)
Important Figures: Prince Fallon Embrel, Princess Ephina Embrel, Guard Captain Thomas Hames
Demographics: 60% Humans, 25% Dwarves, 15% Other

Quivala has origins that stretch back nearly 900 years, when the Old Empire established a military fort at the site in order to protect and control the nearby pass through the Red Mountains about 50 miles to the North. Gradually, a small farming community built up around the fort. Around 650 years ago, a number of valuable silver veins were found in the hills and mountains to the Northwest. The town quickly boomed into a bustling city, based on the mining trade. Shortly afterward, the town was gifted to the emperor’s son, and became the principality of Quivala. He passed the rule of the town to his son, and so on until the present day. Over time the ruling princes of Quivala built the fort into a proper keep, paved the North and Valley roads, and built the docks along the Red River. At its height, Quivala was home to about 100,000 people. To this day, the hereditary ruler of the city continues to be called a prince mostly as a matter of tradition. After the fall of the Old Empire, Quivala suffered severely. The mountains grew more and more dangerous, and transporting heavy loads of ore and metal to the surviving ports became increasingly risky. The town’s population dwindled as its citizens died off or left in search of a better livelyhood. It’s only been in the last 90 years that Quivala has begun to regain some measure of its former prosperity.

Map of Quivala, 1282 EY


Quivala is the seat of the Principality of Quivala. The borders of the principality are not well defined, but the area of its influence extends South and East about 200 miles, West to the Dragonspine Mountains, and North to the Red Mountains. Prince Falon Embrel is monarch, and the entire authority of the government rests with him. He appoints administrative and court officers to oversee the day to day operation of the city and nation, and he is advised and petitioned by the court of Quivalan nobles.

Court of Nobles

  • Durvin Stoneheart, a Dwarf, Lord of Silverdown, Master of the Miner’s Guild. Silverdown is a mining town West of Quivala, and operates a half dozen mines. Despite being lord of the town, Durvin spends the majority of his time in Quivala. Durvin Stoneheart may be the wealthiest person in Quivala, perhaps even more so than Falon Embrel.
  • Relik Porter, a Human, Lord of Stagshead, Knight of the Realm. Stagshead is a farming and ranching town Southeast of Quivala. It is the largest of the towns that pay fealty to Quivala, with a population of about 8,000, and about as many more in the surrounding area.
  • Soren Blackwell, a Human, Lord of Blackport. Blackport is a port town on the Southern end of the Crystalmere. The town services nearly half the trade in and out of Quivala.
  • Brandon Cole, a Human, Lord of Avon-Hill, Master of the Smith’s Guild. Avon-Hill is a small farming village West of Quivala in the foothills of the Dragonspine. Brandon spends the majority of his time there.
  • Lady Lena Rosewood, an Elf, Lord of Everill, Master of the Merchant’s Guild. Everill is a small village about 30 miles East of Quivala.
  • Thomas Hames, a Human, Lord Captain of the City Watch and the Militia. The watch consists of about 300 men, mostly commoners with a handful of knights. Thomas also commands the militia, which consists of about 500 irregulars, all common folk.
  • Mathis Blackwell, a Human and younger brother to Soren Blackwell, Lord of the Garrison, General of the Army. The Quivalan Army is recently formed. It consists of about 100 officers, mostly knights, and about 1,500 regular soldiers.
  • Ethan Grantham, a Human, First Magistrate, Lord of Stenton. Stenton is a small mining village about 40 miles North of Quivala.


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